Students-Led Movements

We seek to identify students who are keen on knowing Christ and making him known and commit to deeply disciple these as we model how they can reach out to their colleague.

 We are convicted that ultimately only students can truly and effectively reach out to their peers. Our role is to disciple, train and entrust these students with the task of reaching others. We ultimately seek to mobilize and engage thousands of these students across the Colleges and Universities of this country.

To join SLM in your campus send an email to:

The Gospel For Every Student

We STRONGLY believe in and emphasize the priority of Gospel proclamation. Over the years, we have developed many tools and resources for evangelism, the most famous of which is “TheFour spiritual Laws” booklet. We train our students to share the Gospel with their colleagues as away of Life.It’s our GOAL to reach every student in the country with a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Movements In Every Campus

Our description of a ‘Movement’ is God working through teams of like hearted disciples to Win,Build and Send toward the fulfilment of the Great Commission. We desire to see these movements in every Campus in Zimbabwe, with students committed to growing deeper in their personal walk with God, in fellowship with other believers and intentionally commit to reach specific target areas.

Leaders For Every Campus

Ultimately, we desire to see Disciples of Christ affecting all spheres of Societal Life. We trust God to see these Christ-like leaders deployed across the counties and nations and bearing witness to the transformative power of the Cross to the world.

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7

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